webinar presentation

Webinar Presentation – Create One That Works

To create a webinar that has people reaching for their credit card, you must do 2 things: Promise definite benefits to a target market who really want those benefits. Prove to them that you can deliver those benefits. OK. So how do you do THAT? Prove Your Claims With A Step-by-Step List Let’s start with [...]

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Web Conferencing Software

Web Conferencing Software – 28 Reasons To Choose GoToWebinar

Marketers evaluate web conferencing software for the purpose of lead generation seminars, marketing events, product launches and customer training. A few of the reasons many pros choose GoToWebinar: 1. You increase your credibility so that even people who don’t know you will register. 2. You get tools to format a memorable webinar presentation that impacts [...]

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Webinar Service

Webinar Service – The Purpose of WebinarSpy.com

Twenty years ago, a webinar service was the furthest thing from my mind. I was too busy experiencing the horror of looking like an unqualified idiot in front of my brother professionals. That embarrassing moment is the driving factor behind WebinarSpy.com. I was a bus driver & father of 4, trying to break into the [...]

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Webinar Content

Webinar Content – Jay Abraham’s Webinar Marketing Secret

How will you decide on your webinar content? What value-packed information can you offer to give away to anyone who registers, so you will attract the conference attendees most likely to buy? And then, during the webinar, how will you transition into a sale so participants see that product purchase is the only logical next [...]

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